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October, 2000
Wide view of the fish tank
Two of the red platy babies near the bottom of the tank

June, 2000
Well, my old adult Platies have died within a month of each other. They didn't appear diseased so I think it was just old age. I believe they only live a couple of years anyway. My final batch of fry is maturing. One's gotten quite large and has developed into a male. Two others are doing fine and are somewhat smaller but the smallest one has a warped spine and probably won't live very long.

General fish tank picture
Bobby the Pleco
Bobby on the glass

April, 2000
A few more baby platies have been born and some of the original orange wagtails have died. The pleco and snails are still doing fine. One new addition is a group of Ghost shrimp which seem to get along pretty well with everyone. The Anacharis didn't really like the water conditions so I pulled it out and replaced it with some Water Sprite.

General fish tank picture
A shrimp (look closely just below the shell)

October, 1999
Fish tank just recently set up. The front right side of the tank has some Anacharis with a Java Fern on the ledge behind it. On the left side of the tank near the back is an Amazon Sword and another Java Fern is up near the front left of the tank. The tank is pretty empty at this point with a couple of orange wagtail platies, a six inch common plecostomus, and a bunch of Malaysian Trumpet snails.

The left side of the fishtank
The front of the fishtank
The front down looking down
The Front looking left
One of my first baby fish hiding in the Anacharis (pale thing just right of center)


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