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Ceratopteris cornuta

Tropica No. 005

Ceratopteris cornuta - 29,87 K

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Family Pteridaceae
Part of the world South East Asia
Height 25-50 cm
Width 10-30 cm
Light requirements average-high
Temperature 15-28oC
Hardness tolerance soft-hard
pH tolerance acid-basic
Easiness average

Ceratopteris cornuta is an aquatic fern and resembles Ceratopteris thalictroides though the former has more delicate leaves. It is often sold as a floating plant where it develops a very ornamental root system that is suitable for the foam nest building labyrinth fish. However, it may just as well be grown as a rooted plant - and only the rooted individuals develop fertile leaves. The fertile leaves are folded inwards towards the abaxial - or lower - side where the sporangia develop. All leaves are, however, very different in appearance regardless of fertility status. Ceratopteris cornuta is a sturdy and fast growing plant which prefers a relatively nutrient rich substrate. The water chemistry does not seem to be important for this plant and most pH and hardness values found in a normal aquarium are accepted, but the growth will always benefit from CO2 enrichment of the water. Ceratopteris cornuta is a very good starter plant for large aquaria because it effectively removes most of the inorganic nutrients present in the water of a new aquarium. It is easily propagated by floating leaves which produce adventitious plants.