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Microsorum pteropus

Tropica No. 008

Microsorum pteropus - 11,12 K

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Family Polypodiaceae
Part of the world South-East Asia
Height 20-35 cm
Width 12-18 cm
Light requirements low-high
Temperature 22-30oC
Hardness tolerance average-hard
pH tolerance neutral
Easiness easy

Microsorum pteropus is a water fern and is found attached to roots and rocks in Nature. The olive green leaves grow from a horizontal rhizome. To begin with the new plant should be attached to the substrate with a thin wire or a rubberband until new anchor roots have been formed.
Microsorum pteropus does not require any special attension and surrives and even grows at very low light intensities although at a lower growth rate. It accepts very soft water and up to even brackish water. Microsorum pteropus is easily reproduced from small adventitious plants which is formed on the older leaves. This process is induced if the leaf floats at the surface and the new plants grow bigger.
The black spots forming on the abaxial leaf side is not due to patogens as often interpreted but rather sporangia needed in the sexual reproduction of the plant. You can greatly enhance the application of this plant - try to take a look at the article Plants cultivated on stones and tree roots! Also, the article Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv' and Microsorum pteropus 'Tropica' provides more thorough information. See also fish-proof plants from Tropica Aquarium Plants.