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Light requirements

The plant's requirement for light is stated as the range in which the plant thrives. The terms "Low", "Average", "High" and "Very High" are used as indications of the plant's light intensity requirement. On the plant labels which are enclosed with all Tropica plants this is equivalent to the symbols. Many people want this to be stated in Watt per litre water, but, unfortunately, it is not possible to state it in this way. Many other factors play a part; it is, for example, of great importance whether a small plant is planted in the shade of a larger one. The use of reflectors and the type of fluorescent tubes, etc. are also of great importance. If the "minimum light" requirement is stated as "High", this means that the plant requires much light. In fact, often more than the light available in a well-lit aquarium. If you have any problems with these plants, it will most often be due to insufficient light. Exposure to light for 10-12 hours a day will be good for most plants.