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J. Matthew Harrell 116 Coverstone Rd Fort Valley, Virginia 22652
BACKGROUND SUMMARY: - Eighteen years experience programming in C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, LISP, Scheme, and many other languages - Seventeen years experience in Unix system administration and network management on Linux, Sun, SGI, and DEC Unix systems - Nine years experience using applied physics for atmospheric studies and solid body hydrodynamics - Familiar with network programming, multi-threading, CORBA, DCOM, MPI, XML, and RMI - Proficient in the use of CASE tools such as Rational Rose, Symantic Visual Cafe, Microsoft Visual C++, and Clearcase - Currently teaching a graduate level C/C++ programming class for scientists at George Mason University EDUCATION: - Presently working towards Doctorate in high velocity solid body collisions - MS Physics, George Mason University, 1994 - BS Physics, George Mason University, 1992 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Oakwood Controls York, PA 4/09 - Present EOIR Technologies Occoquan, VA 2/04 - 4/09 In charge of integrating and providing a base system software environment to manage unattended sensors in a command and control environment. This effort has been instrumental in the Networked Sensors for the Future Force (NSFF) and C4ISR Integration Testbed efforts. Responsibilities include: * Developed reference implementation of newly approved Sensor Data Link protocol (SDL). SDL is the approved JVMF compliant protocol for connecting low bandwidth sensors and their controllers. * Participated in the validation and development of the SDL protocol. * Design and implement robust wireless communications infrastructure along with tools to aid in the debugging and development. The infrastructure is implemented in combination of C++ and Java with code generation of both Java and C++ performed by Ruby. * Interface with sensor developers to define sensor and protocol requirements for integrating sensors with a command and control vehicle. * Developed software to integrate legacy sensors with low bandwidth wireless protocols. * Managed the construction and maintenance of a HMMWV and Bradley vehicles as reconnaissance vehicles containing both computer hardware, radio hardware, and software. Promisemark, Inc. Fairfax, VA 1/01 - 2/04 In charge of designing and implementing infrastructure and integration components for sending out all emails, managing the database, and many other essential operations. The mailer component is capable of sending out a million templated emails in an hour based on the customer information available in the database. Bit Twiddlers Inc. Manassas, VA 3/99 - Present Founded Bit Twiddlers in 3/99 as a way to offer my consulting services to numerous companies. Responsibilities include the development of the business plan, finding and working with customers, and design and implementation of software. Zeta: Redesigning and improving a reliable UDP interface capable of passing large amounts of data to distributed sites. The interface has been written in both Java and C to facilitate backwards compatibility with older versions of the software and allow easy insertion into existing applications. Numerous monitoring features and improved reliability implementations have been added since the project was started. Motley Fool: presently working on a mail system capable of delivering in excess of one million different messages in an hour each of which is specifically tailored to the content and known habits of the recipients. Responsibilities include creating initial product design and implementation and managing a team of developers in the second generation of the software to add additional capabilities. Bell Atlantic and The Bus Zone: network security scan resulting in a report detailing what problems were found and recommendations to improve security. E-Know: developed a product that guarantees the delivery of messages through phone, pager, or email and presents the user with statistics on the average response time and number of responses currently received. Capitol Steps: replaced a main office NT server with a Linux server capable of running the web site, sharing drives, acting as a print spooler, DCHP server, and mail server for the entire office. E-Know, Inc. Herndon, VA 5/00 - 1/01 Helped design and implement software to produce an enterprise-scale task management program, Meca. Meca consists of a centralized task execution software engine that uses a variety of media (email, web, pages, cell phones) to notify individuals and receive responses. The software is written with a C++ kernel that communicates via CORBA to a JSP front end. Responsibilities include designing and implementing the interfaces to the various media solutions, creating a CORBA interface for client programs to access, and working with the other developers to design the complete product. Science Applications International Corporation 2/96 - 8/99 Theater Precision Strike Operations (TPSO) lead developer responsible for integrating numerous C4I systems, other operational systems, and simulations in order to enhance the existing Army Deep Strike capabilities. Lead programmer for the analysis section of the DARPA Course of Action Analysis (COAA) proof of principle project. COAA will allow automated design and analysis of Army courses of action. Responsibilities include the Task Lead for a team of programmers in the development and implementation of analysis techniques that allows the user to determine the optimal COA. Senior Programmer for Dynamic Multi-User Fusion (DMIF) responsible for creating a data parser to link together and test numerous military systems for TRAC. Supervised the day to day operations of other programmers and ensured code deadlines are met. Lead programmer for the Joint Battlefield Intelligence Interchange System (JBIIS) framework used in numerous Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (JPSD) and Focused Intelligence (FI) demonstrations. JBIIS is a software system that allows the transfer of information amongst various Army intelligence and simulation systems. Experienced in the Internet network communications layer that includes TCP/IP, UDP/IP, multicast, and RPC. Knowledgeable of the multiprocessing techniques used on Unix systems and Windows NT systems. Trained numerous Sterling and military personnel in the operation of JBIIS in a military TOC. Performed system and network administration on the interdivisional network to keep the systems in perfect operational order. Assisted with administration of the High Level Architecture (HLA) 1.3 testbed network including the setup of numerous demonstrations. Participated in the design and implementation of a newly opened division office network. Electronic Data Systems Herndon, VA 5/95 - 2/96 System engineer in charge of designing and implementing network topologies. Experienced in 10base-T, 100base-T, and fiber optic networks. Computational Physics, Inc. Vienna, VA 8/92 - 5/95 Involved in the design and implementation of atmospheric models to determine the constituents of the upper atmosphere. Developed graphical human-machine interfaces (HMI) for United States Air Force applications. On-site (Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC) resident expert in Unix system administration involving Silicon Graphics, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), IBM, Sun Microsystems workstations as well as Unix implementations on IBM personal computers. Familiar with most major workstation operating systems including HP-UX, Cray UniCOS, and SunOS/Solaris as well as DEC VMS and Microsoft Windows/NT. Responsible for integration of workstations and MS-DOS based computers in Local Area Network topography. George Mason University Fairfax, VA 1/91 - 8/92 As an undergraduate student at GMU, worked part-time at NRL administering Unix system using Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and IBM workstations. Responsible for integration of workstations and MS-DOS based computers in Local Area Network topography. Involved in the design and implementation of atmospheric models to determine the constituents of the upper atmosphere. Responsible for manipulating scientific data from weather satellites into manageable data representations. Knowledgeable of C, C++, and FORTRAN programming languages and various Unix shell tools. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Department of Defense TS/SSBI/SCI clearance Citizenship - U.S.